[Article 46]Technology: Positive and Negative Effects on Education

With the recent dramatic increases in technology, today’s education has been changed and affected in ways both positive and negative. Throughout time as technology continuously changes, so do the ways teachers use their classrooms. Only about 10 years ago teachers were using tools like chalk boards and then progressed to white boards. Nowadays, teachers are using smart boards. These boards are extremely advanced and offer many different ways to teach and to share information with students. This is only one example of a way that modern technology is changing our education systems every single day.
This progress in technology has had many positive effects on education. “I believe all this new technology is a great thing to help our students increase their knowledge everyday at school,” Said Mr. Baad, the media-specialist here at MHS. “Kids today can retrieve all types of information at a much faster rate than ever before.” With cell phones one can Google anything and find multiple reliable sources of information within seconds. Cell phones are helpful, keeping students updated on things that are going on in the real world. When students simply open up an app they can keep up to date with politics, sports and current events. This instantaneous information enables students to be more educated and informed. This instant access is changing the way young students are processing information and making decisions.
Along with the positive effects of the increase in modern technology, there also comes the negative effects on our education. When kids have cell phones in their classrooms they are extremely distracted from what is actually being taught. They are looking down and playing their games or going on social networking sites instead of listening to their teachers. Students can just look up the answers to questions and copy them down word for word. They are simply repeating information instead of learning concepts and ideas. When students do this, they do not actually learn the material.
Smart boards are a major plus in helping increase education, they are very advanced and allow teachers to present limitless information to students. Teachers can pull up any website they want, and show students on a large board that can be seen by the entire class. Smart boards also offer Microsoft PowerPoint, Outlook and many other programs that are great for teaching. Smart Notebook software is included with the Smart Board and allows users to combine notes, images, and other media into virtual notebooks which can be projected and edited using the Smart Board itself. Other Smart software products, like Smart Response interactive response, the Smart Document Camera, Smart Ideas concept-mapping software, Smart Notebook Math Tools and Smart Slate wireless slate are designed for use with and can integrate with the Smart Board for other tasks.
10 MHS students were randomly selected and asked if they believe
modern technology has had a positive or negative effect on education. 9 out of 10 of the students responded it has had a positive effect. Mikey Manning said “It really helps us maximize what we can learn, and increases the rate at which we learn.”
The one student who answered toward the negative said gave his reason, “Phones are to big of a distraction in school nowadays, kids don’t even listen, they’re just on their phones all day, every day.”
With quality arguments from both sides, overall as technology gets better, so does our education. At the pace our world is moving at today, who knows what tomorrow holds in store for us.


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